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Dreamstate Dress

1324.0 WMATIC ($ 650.78)

This romantic piece started as an attempt to create a voluminous dress supported by an undergarment in the Clo3D software that would also function properly when animated. It was created after a visit to the Prado Museum in Madrid and the artist has sought to evoke the warmth and grittiness of texture of physical art. A true testimony to subliminal inspiration and the fantasy of human creativity when taking on the exploration of technical boundaries. This artwork, while not fractal, is partly composed of a set of repeating patterns and created with instruments heavily relying on math via coding – yet it speaks more to other parts of us than our logic. The human figure mirrors the universe specked with creative light that has brought forth the brilliant dress that now adorns her. It illustrates how the universe recreates itself (i.e. in the creation of us, our intelligence and creativity) and how its recreations extends this pattern whilst also breaking it.”

Price updated at 5 months ago to 1324.0
by @Coline Cherry

Minted 5 months ago
by @Coline Cherry